Protepack is a form of reflective insulation that protects cargo from dirt, moisture, chemical residues, and climatic agents.


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Protepack Reflective Barrier

Available in 70 ft rolls, Protepack is made up of aluminum, polyester, and polythene, offering full protection from moisture, dirt, and atmospheric agents.

Insulated by a radiant barrier, cargo is sealed and secure from damaging outside elements, providing protection for extended periods of time.

Protepack’s flexible and versatile nature provides complete protection regardless of the shape and size of your goods.
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What is Protepack?

Protepack is a heavy-duty radiant barrier insulation product that can protect cargo from dirt, moisture, and chemical residues in a variety of climates. This foil insulation tool can be purchased in 70-foot rolls.

What is Protepack foil insulation made from?

To ensure your goods make it unscathed from Point A to Point B, you need a reflective insulation product formed from high-quality materials that can stand up against a variety of climates and damaging agents. Protepack foil insulation is crafted from a combination of aluminum, polyester, and polyethylene.

How do I use reflective insulation?

Protepack radiant barrier foil is flexible enough to wrap around cargo of all shapes and sizes. Once wrapped, foil insulation can be sealed at the seams with heavy-duty specialized tape to ensure secure placement.

Is Protepack effective in all climates?

Because Protepack reflective insulation serves as a radiant heat barrier, it’s an effective insulation product in virtually all climates. Regardless of transit time, you can rest assured your goods will remain protected from damaging outside elements.