Hyblanket absorbent blankets offer maximum moisture absorption to protect against the costly and damaging effects of container rain.


    Hyblanket’s leak proof design ensures that your cargo, both food and non-edible goods, will stay protected from moisture damage throughout shipping.


    Click-On-Top Hanging System


    High-End Gel Formula


    Breathable Membrane


    Leak-Proof Design


    Hyblanket Container Rain Absorbent uses a high-quality gel formula to quickly absorb container rain condensation and keep cargo clean and dry.

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    Using our click-on-top hanging system, installing Hyblanket is quick and easy.
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    What is an absorbent blanket?

    Absorbent blankets are a type of desiccant solution that quickly absorbs container rain condensation to keep cargo clean and dry. The Hyblanket features a leak-proof design that protects food and non-edible goods from moisture damage throughout shipment transit.

    What are absorbent blankets used for in shipping processes?

    The Hyblanket water absorbing blanket is hung over the top of cargo in a shipping container. The high-end gel formula of absorbent blankets prevents moisture from moving downwards, meaning container rain can’t permeate cargo packaging. The breathable membrane also encourages cargo’s existing moisture to rise, where it becomes trapped above the blanket.

    How does a water absorbing blanket prevent cargo damage?

    The Hyblanket is only 5mm thick, but it can absorb up to 30 gallons/130 liters of moisture. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air during transit can prevent warping of packaging and caking of product during transportation.

    Are absorbent blankets easy to install?

    Hyblanket absorbent blankets now feature an advanced, click-on-top hanging system to make installation simply and straightforward. The water absorbing blanket can be clipped into place above the cargo within under 240 seconds.