Kit Bond water resistant liner will protect your goods from damp shipping container floors and walls.


    One of the great benefits of Kit Bond is that it is lightweight and easy to install but still highly durable.

    Lightweight and High Tensile Strength

    Water Retention

    Mold Inhibitor

    Specialized Hook for Easy Use

    Kit Bond Absorbent Lining

    Through its water retaining properties, Kit Bond protects your cargo from mold and fungus growth. Additionally, this absorbent shipping container lining has a high tensile strength, which prevents it from sticking to the damp walls or floor of the container.

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    Ensure that your goods are protected from the condensation that collects on shipping container floors and walls with Kit Bond absorbent lining.
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    What is Kit Bond?

    This advanced hydrophilic film can be used to line a shipping container or truck, thereby protecting cargo from damp and dirty floors, walls, and ceilings found within. This easy-to-hang, easy-to-dispose-of liner system can transform the way your goods are transported from Point A to Point B.

    What kind of features set Kit Bond waterproof liner apart?

    Kit Bond is lightweight but offers high tensile strength, meaning it won’t break or tear. Because this liner retains water, it can reduce excess moisture inside of a shipping container to provide added protection for goods. Kit Bond features a specialized hook for easy use, making this a simple, smart solution for a variety of container shipping needs.

    What are the benefits of a waterproof liner?

    Kit Bond waterproof shipping container liner helps keep cargo dry and protects precious goods from condensation damage, also known as container rain or container sweat. Because of its mold inhibiting capabilities, Kit Bond reduces the risk of fungus growth. Our waterproof liner is quick and efficient to use, and its eco-friendly nature means it can be disposed of as normal waste.