Hypad absorbent pads are ideal for absorbing excess condensation for a variety of goods at risk of leaking.


    By harnessing a combination of hydrophilic and waterproof qualities, Hypad absorbent pads protect against damage to pallets and packaging as well as prevent the harmful effects of container rain.


    Gelfying Crystal Agents


    High-Tech Fabric Linings


    Unbeatable Ease


    Anti-Moisture Lock


    Hypad Condensation Absorbent prevents the damaging effects of the condensation cycle by absorbing excess moisture that results from leaks and spills.

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    Ensure your goods are safe from excess condensation and potential fungal growth with Hypad’s unrivaled absorption.
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    What is a Hypad?

    The Hypad is a condensation absorbent pad in the Hydry line of products; this product is designed to help stop the condensation cycle inside a shipping container.

    How does the Hypad absorbent pad work?

    Hypad absorbent mats feature hydrophilic and waterproof technology crafted to soak up excess moisture, thereby preventing condensation-related damages inside a shipping container during storage and transit. An anti-moisture lock is created through the combination of gel-ifying crystal agents and advanced fabric linings. Should food or non-edible products spill through their packaging, the Hypad will quickly absorb up the excess moisture, preventing the formation of container rain and cargo sweat.

    What kind of products should be shipped with absorbent pads?

    Any product that could potentially leak or spill during transit can benefit from the inclusion of Hypad moisture absorbing pads. Whether you’re transporting beverages, jars, or chilled foods and other goods, absorbing moisture pads can help ensure your cargo makes it safely to its destination.

    How do I use Hypad moisture absorbing pads?

    Hypad absorbent pads are simply to use; simply lay underneath cargo packaging and wrap upwards to catch spills and leakage.