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Our Company

Eurolog Packing Group has established a significant presence in the international export market over the past decade by revolutionizing ways to prevent both moisture and temperature damage to goods moving across the globe in shipping containers.

This focus has led to many innovations that are now widely accepted practices, reducing carbon emissions, influencing product life cycles, and allowing for uninterrupted supply chains. Our globally diverse customer base across many industries gives us a platform to continuously learn and enables us to develop cost-effective, dynamic solutions.

Our Commitment

Eurolog Packing Group will continue to innovate specialized packaging products to safeguard exports affected by climate change and extreme variations in global temperatures, helping to reduce waste.

We will listen to our clients and design solutions exclusive to them if needed. We are here for the protection of your goods, no matter the journey.

Global Locations

Eurolog Packing Group has expanded to 4 strategic warehouses in the USA, which focus on keeping costs down as we service customers across North America. In addition, we have global distribution partners and shipping points, further ensuring our commitment to cost-effective, dynamic solutions. Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to our products.

Our Team

At Eurolog Packing Group, we all work together to ensure customers’ needs are met. Titles exist, but the bottom line is we all step in to help, and we have created a collaborative company culture. Elizabeth, Gerald, and Kerry are integral to our business, along with our 3PL warehouse colleagues, and provide extraordinary support with Customer Service, Sales, Logistics, and Operations.

Our Leadership

Sandra Malouf


Sandra has spent her career in the Industrial Packing Industry. She has over 20 years of experience focused on industrial packaging and a strong understanding of helping avoid supply chain disruptions. She fondly recalls her Logistics class at Texas A&M University, and while reflecting, she realized it was one of her favorite courses.

It is no coincidence that logistics became an integral part of her life, as she was able to combine her love of travel with her profession by working with customers all around the world, helping to protect products shipped by truck, rail, air, and export containers. Her unique experience, focus, and ability to think outside the box have earned her respect among colleagues and customers.

Morgan Malouf

Chief Financial Officer

Morgan has extensive experience with financial management. After spending years working in commercial real estate and helping many companies establish their business, he made a natural shift into a more focused career as Eurolog Packing Groups CFO.

As the company has grown over the years, he has ensured healthy financial management, value creation and building credibility. He is a graduate of University of San Diego and a lifelong Angeleno who has a passion for travel, exotic cars and music.