Kit Kraft products offer a range of different types of protection for your goods. Ensure your cargo is safe from dirt and other contaminants as well as mold, fungus, and condensation.


Check out our Kit Kraft products to find which liner works best for you.


Kit Kraft Paper Lining provides a barrier between your cargo and the shipping container surface to protect your goods from contaminating agents.



Kit Bond Absorbent Lining offers a water resistant barrier to protect your cargo from the damaging effects of condensation and mold.


Whether you would like to line the shipping container with Kraft paper or would prefer to use a more waterproof option, Kit Kraft has the shipping solution that you need to protect your cargo.


What are shipping liners used for?

When shipping any type of good, it’s important to ensure your cargo is protected from any potential damaging environmental factors. Kit Kraft lining solutions can make traditional shipping containers safer and more reliable transport options for goods of all types through added interior protection.

What kind of shipping container protection does Kit Kraft offer?

Kit Kraft dual paper lining and Kit Bond are both used to protect cargo during transport.

• Kit Kraft Kit Kraft dual liners
Kit Kraft paper rolls serve as a dry barrier between the cargo and the shipping container’s walls and ceiling.

These are laminated paper lining solutions that provide all the benefits of traditional Kraft paper lining with the added protection of a waterproof laminated plastic. This moisture-protection can be crucial in the prevention of container rain or container sweat.

• Kit Bond
Kit Bond features a unique combination of water retaining capabilities and a mold inhibitor. Kit Bond offers superior tensile strength, meaning that it won’t break or adhere to the walls when damp.

What are the benefits of Kit Kraft lining solutions?

Kit Kraft lining solutions are an essential shipping solution, designed to prevent mold and mildew and protect cargo from contaminants. Kit Kraft products offer hygienic transportation of precious goods and cargo, protecting your shipment from contamination.