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Struggling with mold or condensation ruining your precious cargo? Don’t let container rain or contamination hurt your bottom line.

Eurolog Packing Group specializes in moisture control, ensuring your goods arrive at their destination free of mold and water damage.

Hydry products protect your cargo from moisture damage by absorbing condensation that forms within shipping containers. Condensation can cause package deterioration, product warping, and mold growth; all issues that can easily be prevented with our Hydry product lines.


We’ve helped other companies tackle their mold and moisture problems.

Great Customer Service

I’ve been dealing with Elizabeth at Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide for my Hybag Desiccant bag needs. Elizabeth was helpful with providing me all the information I needed to ensure I was purchasing the correct product, as this was the first time I was shipping a product which required desiccant bags. Elizabeth’s responses were prompt and professional, answering all my questions in detail and ensuring I fully understood the benefits of using their Hybags. I found pricing to be competitive with other companies, and they arranged prompt shipment to ensure the delivery prior to the containers arriving at the warehouse for loading. My overseas customer stated that the bags worked great during the transit over to them, with no complaints. I would recommend Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide for anyone looking for great customer service and a high quality product. I will continue to source from Eurolog Packing Group.

Travis Janot

Pegasus Commodities Ltd.

Meet Our Deadlines

We have been doing business with Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide since the beginning of 2020. The Eurolog Packing Group Team has always been very reliable in helping us meet our deadlines and customer commitments. The Hyblankets they have provided us have been an important element in ensuring our exports arrive at their destinations in good condition.



Reliable Service and Attention

I have been doing business with Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide for 5 years. They provide Hyblanket Absorbent Blankets and Hybags Desiccants to protect cargo loaded at our facility for several export customers. Products are readily available when inventory is requested and we always receive feedback on timeline to receive ordered product. We value their reliable service and attention to our request.



Very Responsive and Efficient

I have been doing business with Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide for over 7 years. We really enjoy working with the Eurolog Packing Group Team as they are always very responsive and efficient. The Hyblankets and Hybags they have provided us are great and have helped us meet our shipping needs and keep our nuts protected against moisture damage. I do not hesitate recommending them at all.



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