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Protect your precious cargo with moisture and temperature control shipping solutions from Eurolog Packing Group

Our products are designed to protect medical and pharmaceutical shipments from extreme temperatures and moisture, saving you money and ensuring every shipment arrives intact.

How our products help


Hybag: Protect sensitive medication with Hybag desiccant bags that absorb up to three times their weight in moisture.

Hybag Plus+: The Hybag Plus+ offers maximum absorption for premium protection — ideal for costly pharmaceutical shipments.

Hypad: Our Hypad goes underneath your cargo to protect medication and medical devices from leaks and spills.

Hyblanket: Drape a Hyblanket over your cargo or hang it from the ceiling to protect moisture-sensitive medication from container rain.


Temcore Blanket: The Temcore Blanket can be placed directly over pharmaceutical and medical cargo to reflect up to 97% of heat and maintain stable temperatures.

Temcore Cover: For palletized medical goods, the Temcore Cover is an effective, easy-to-use temperature stabilization solution.

Temcore Max Cover: When you need maximum protection for palletized cargo, the Temcore Max Cover holds temperatures to within 1 degree per hour.

Temcore Liner: Protect your entire shipping container with a fully sealed Temcore Liner designed for easy installation.

Items We Protect

Medical and pharmaceutical goods can be extremely expensive, so damaged cargo results in a huge hit to your bottom line. From prosthetics and medical equipment to supplements and pharmaceutical drugs, our Temcore and Hydry products are designed to provide maximum protection for sensitive cargo.

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