Kit Kraft laminated paper ensures that your goods are not exposed to the damp and dirty floors and walls of shipping containers.


    These kraft paper rolls are made of 100% recyclable materials, are easy to install, and restrict the growth of mold and fungus.

    Kit Kraft Paper Lining

    Available in 330 ft rolls, Kit Kraft Paper Lining provides an impermeable barrier that protects cargo against dust, dirt, and condensation.

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    Whether you are shipping food or other goods, Kit Kraft brown paper rolls provide waterproof insulation while also protecting against contaminating agents.
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    What is Kraft Paper?

    Kraft paper rolls serve as low-cost, all-purpose packaging material, and are used in a variety of shipping capacities. Many manufacturers use Kraft paper for shipping to fill voids and ensure the safe arrival of a product.

    What is Kit Kraft Paper Lining?

    Kit Kraft paper rolls feature laminated paper designed to line the inner walls, floor, and ceiling of a shipping container. This heavy Kraft paper liner provides water insulation to protect against outside elements during transit. These useful brown Kraft paper rolls ensure that the goods you’re shipping don’t become exposed to the dirty, damp surface of shipping containers.

    Can I buy Kit Kraft paper lining in bulk?

    Order Kit Kraft paper lining in 330-foot rolls to line the inside of a shipping container before sending precious goods. Cut the rolls to your shipping container’s specifications for a truly customized solution.

    Why should I used Kit Kraft paper rolls when shipping goods?

    This heavy Kraft paper solution offers an impermeable barrier that can safeguard your cargo against condensation and help reduce the growth of mold and mildew. Because shipping containers face huge swings in temperature during transit, the air inside of the container can fall below dew point. When this occurs, the moisture in the air becomes condensation that can drip onto cargo. Kit Kraft paper rolls can help prevent this moisture from warping and destroying damageable goods.