The Peanut and the Hyblanket.

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the U.S. peanut crop in 2022 was estimated at 5.57 billion pounds. Georgia led the way, producing over 50 percent of the U.S. peanut production, with its 2022 peanut crop estimated at 2.9 billion pounds.

The Hyblanket has been safeguarding peanut shipments worldwide with its proven formulation of high-absorption materials. When introduced to the North American market, one of the major beneficiaries was the peanut industry, which previously lacked a solution for condensation management in containers. The Hyblanket, along with high-performance desiccants like the Hybag Squares, protects thousands of peanut shipments from the USA to global destinations such as China, Malaysia, and Europe.

Just as weather impacts crops and yields, it also affects exports. A container experiences temperature variations during its journey across the world, often to extreme extents. Our studies have shown variations from Chicago to Malaysia of up to 60 degrees, along with 100% humidity. This is where the Hyblanket becomes the solution to combat moisture damage for some of the world’s largest peanut exporters. As seen in the chart below, a container that left Chicago and arrived in Malaysia almost 60 days later, sitting in the port for an additional 14 days, shows significant variances in both temperature and relative humidity, reaching differences of up to 44%.

Investing in ensuring that goods arrive in optimal conditions, using the Hyblanket and Hybags together, has proven to be the solution for protecting the integrity of global peanut shipments.

Whether shipping peanuts or any other type of tree nut, it is crucial to protect the goods against moisture damage for optimal arrival conditions. Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide has developed proven products such as the Hyblanket and Hybags, both FDA packaging approved for use with foodstuffs.

As an additional option, if you are spreading peanuts and shipping peanut butter, we also offer our Temcore Thermal Insulation Liner. The Temcore liner stabilizes temperature variations that occur during shipments.

At Eurolog Packing Group Worldwide, we will continue to offer competitive prices for high-quality goods and excellent service. Our global network of distribution points and distributors ensures your needs are met for peanut shipments. Life can be nutty enough; let our company make it less nutty by securing your peanut shipment with our proven methods, such as the Hyblankets and Hybags.


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