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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container Overseas?

Whether you do most of your shopping online or in-store, it’s not hard to find imported items from around the world. From international herbs and spices to textiles and housewares, we rely on overseas shipping to deliver the everyday items we enjoy. In addition to consumable goods, personal items may also be shipped overseas, like if you’re moving abroad, for example. Whatever the case, the cost to ship a container overseas factors into the transfer process, and it’s important to know before you pack up items to send across the world.

Here, we’ll answer some important questions regarding international shipping, including:

Overseas Container Shipping Costs in 2021

How much does it cost to ship a container overseas in 2021? Shipping a full container overseas typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000; smaller container loads are generally less expensive. Keep in mind, factors such as destination, container size, and individual vendor can impact the total cost of shipping a container overseas. With that said, let’s take a look at how these costs are calculated.

How are container shipping costs calculated?

The cost of shipping a container overseas ultimately depends on a number of factors, including container size, load size, shipping method, and loading and delivery options. Below, we’ll break down each category to help you plan and budget for your international shipping costs. 

Additional costs to consider 

On top of the aforementioned shipping costs, there are some other fees to consider when sending commercial or personal items abroad. Let’s take a look.

Wrapping Up

Moving your home or shipping products overseas involves a substantial amount of planning and money. On average, shipping a container overseas costs between $2,000 and $3,000, but may vary depending on the container size, loading and delivery, and extra costs.

Whether you’re sending off your beloved personal items or consumer goods, Eurolog Packing Group helps keep your goods safe throughout the international shipping process. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can streamline logistics and keep your shipment protected.


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